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As an Art and Cultural Journalist, I created the website, Contemporary Art Dialogue (CAD) in 2009, with the help of two talented IT specialists. The site was a labor of love and an opportunity to explore various aspects of contemporary art.

I wrote on that site: Contemporary art encompasses disparate art styles and influences including abstraction, figurative work, conceptual ideas, performance, writings and symbolic narrative. Mediums include paint, charcoal, pastels, resin, newspaper clippings, clay, marble, photography, the human body and numerous found objects. Influences are from nature, urban settings, the natural and physical sciences, industry, technology, popular culture, words, literature, poetry, music and more. The blurring of styles and mediums in contemporary art, since the 1960s, and the creation of hybrid artworks, obscure traditional distinctions between painting, sculpture, film, performance, architecture and dance.

Since 1960, globalization has impacted contemporary art. Diffusion of borders and divisions among countries, classes and monetary systems have dramatically affected art, often blurring the differences among styles and movements. Contemporary art today embraces cultural influences and a continual process of re-creation, while it is is influenced by modern art styles, including abstract expressionism, assemblage art, minimalism and photographic art.

“Pinto Fish” by Jerry Burchfield and Mark Chamberlain

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Image at Top of Page: Stanton Macdonald-Wright, Untitled [Vase of Flowers], 1924-25, collection OCMA. See Circles of Influence for more information.

Liz Goldner is an AICA member, has a page on Muck Rack and is an SGI-USA Buddhism member. Personal Narrative and Comments by Others.

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